In this guide, I'll show you the method I use at this time to gain strength and muscle. It's a type of training use by pros and even Olympic athletes.

Training exercises are basic exercises and when you use the base, It's effective. That's what you want, right ? It's all what you need to gain strength, to have a better body and lose fat.


Yes, planning is necessary so that you can see your evolution. A calendar or an organizer is important to plan changes in your workout because your body is made to fit any situation. There are 2 types of changes: A) Add 2 reps B) Add 2 kg. These changes are to make every two months.

Example: Suppose we are in January. At the 1st session of each type of workout (there are 4), for each exercise, you will take the heaviest weight that you can lift for 6 repetitions. Note the weight (10kg - 22lbs) and for 2 months you do 4 sets of 6 reps at 10kg (22lbs) for this exercise. In March, you do 4 sets of 8 repetitions to 10 kg(22lbs). In May, you do 4 sets of 10 repetitions at 10 kg(22lbs). In July, the weight change, you do 4 sets of 6 reps at 12kg(26lbs). When it becomes easy to do 4 sets of 10 repetitions, you add weight to go to the next level.

It's possible that you may increase faster the number of repetitions or the number of weight, it happened to me, up to you. The most important is that you listen to your body, if you feel that you have to increase or decrease the repetitions or the weight, do it. To avoid injury your body is your "best coach". Planning can always be changed to suit your evolution.

Record all your workouts at the 1st session is crucial to be updated with your evolution. Sometimes you looking at you in front of your mirror, you will have the impression of not having evolved, sometimes your friends will tell you they don't see changes but it's all wrong and your records are there to prove it. You evolve and your body changes to be better. What's cool is that more your body will be better, more you have confidence in you.

Personally to record what I'm doing in training, I use an app on my smartphone JEFIT (free). This is useful because as soon as I finished my 4th series, I record my performance. Then when I get home, I use an Excel file type, Calc LibreOffice (free) and I copy JEFIT's data in Calc. This is my way, you, find the method that fits you best. Me, in the beginning, I had a paper and a pen.


This guide will help you to achieve 3 goals: Increase your strength, increase the size of your muscles and lose your fat. To be motivated and stay motivated during your workout, make yourself a selection of your favorite music (playlist) with your MP3 player or your smartphone to be concentrated to the maximum. You must be in your bubble, focus on doing goods movements of your exercise, concentrate on good recovery between sets. This is not playtime here, I want you have results.

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